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CLIMBING their way to College!
It's a beautiful day to go to college! Hello, my name is Christina Myles, and I am the Student Support Coordinator for Apex Collegiate Academy Charter School! The purpose of the webpage is to provide parents and students with easy access to information that will lead to their continuing CLIMB towards success as a Apex Panther. Navigate through the site to explore all its amazing features!
Apex Collegiate Academy Charter School 
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  1. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.
    Martin Luther King Jr.
  2. Education is the Most Powerful Weapon which you can use to CHANGE THE WORLD.
    Nelson Mandela
  3. You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.
    Conrad Hall
  4. A little learning, indeed, may be a dangerous thing, but the want of learning is a calamity to any people.
    Frederick Douglas
  5. EDUCATION is the medium by which a people are prepared for the creation of their own particular civilization.
    Marcus Garvey
  6. I think education is power. I think that being able to communicate with people is power.
    Oprah Winfrey
  7. The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.
    Micheal Jackson
There will be frequent updates on this webpage of resources that will assist you in your child's path to college. There are links to the homework and school event calenders, as well as different programs and forms that can be completed to schedule meetings, tutoring sessions, or school visits. We appreciate the impact that you provide in your scholar's life and we are here to work together for their greater good!
Below are some helpful websites that you can use to search different topics that your child may be learning in class. This list will be updated as needed. If you have any suggestions, please email me at [email protected] with your ideas!

Patrick JMT  - Tons of helpful vidoes on math related topics!

Flocabulary - A fun youtube channel for all subjects, a great resource for studying and test review!

Thanksgiving Break Packet - Potential points for all classes, due Tuesday Nov 29th, 2016 at 8:00am.

Below are the links to calenders for each class. Please wait until 6pm each evening to make sure you are viewing the most updated version!
Homework Calender - Math 

Homework Calender - Science

Homework Calender - ELA

Homework Calender - Social Studies

Homework Calender - STEM

  1. 1
    Here you can request tutoring sessions on a particular topic. This can be from a school volunteer, a teacher or another student who is excelling in that area!
  2. 2
    Want to have a meeting with a particular teacher? Have any interest in visiting the school for a viewing? Would you like to discuss your child's behavior in class? Request a Parent Teacher Conference or a SBLC meeting here!
  3. 3
    Interested in helping at different school events? Leave your contact information here to place yourself on the Panther Patrol!
  4. 4
    Complete this form if you are interested in setting up your scholar for weekly meeting with our school counselors.
  5. 5
    This page will be developed as our extracurricular department grows.
  6. 6
    Nurse's Station
    Here you may leave any notes or questions for our Nurse, Ms. Bailey!
Thank you!
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  1. January 5th 2017
    Welcome Back Apex Scholars!
    First day of school after Winter Break, looking forward to the New Year!
  2. January 16th 2017
    No School!
    Martin Luther King Day
  3. January 18,19,25,26 2017
    ANET Testing
    Our third assessment of the year, give it all you've got!
  4. January 26th 2017
    Family Night
    Looking forward to seeing all Apex families for fellowship!
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Fax: 225.341.3254
School Webpage: apexcollegiate.org
Christina Myles
Student Support Coordinator
[email protected]
(225) 283-5792

Ashley Jordan
STEM/Math Teacher
[email protected]

Tameka Christmas
STEM/Math Teacher
[email protected]
Jemima Jean
ELA Teacher
[email protected]
Talla Cisse
Social Studies Teacher
[email protected] 

Kentrik Pete
STEM/Science Teacher
[email protected]